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Local Businesses In The Midst Of Renovation Projects

Exterior work continues on the Hicksville Building Loan and Savings Bank addition at the corner of High and Main Street in downtown Hicksville. The 9,300 square foot addition includes office space and a basement which will house a training area and storage. The project is estimated to be complete in late August.

Two Hicksville businesses are in the midst of renovation projects and looking forward to late summer, early fall completions.

As one of the oldest financial institutions in the Village of Hicksville and all of Defiance County, the Hicksville Building, Loan and Savings Bank, currently celebrating its 115th anniversary, is focusing on the future with a 9,300 square foot addition at its 100 North Main Street offices.

"We are using space now for work area that was never intended to be used in that capacity," President Jamie Shinabarger says. "We quickly outgrew our last expansion project and with this addition we have intentionally overbuilt, giving ourselves room to grow into it. We don't expect to be building again for years to come."

The Building and Loan opened its doors in 1890 in the former Hicks Land Office which stands next door to the current offices on West High Street which now houses Hicksville Historical Society memorabilia. The Land Office was moved from its original High and Main Street location, north on Main Street (where the parking area is now) when the Building and Loan built its new 3,720 square foot facility in the 1960s. The Land Office made the move to its current location in 1997 when a 2400 square foot addition to the Building and Loan offices brought the facility to over 6,000 square feet, with its current entrance and lobby configuration.

Shinabarger says the public entrance will remain the same and the lobby area and the drive thru areas will also remain substantially as they are now. The newest addition is again at the north end of the facility. Renovations to the existing structure will be minimal. Construction began in the Fall of 2004 and the final stages of this current renovation will include resizing an exisiting office at the north end of the facility to allow for access to the new administrative office area.

The new space will include ten offices and eight workstations on the main floor and a basement which will include a large training room, conference room and lunch and kitchen area.

"The training area is something that can be utilitized in a variety of ways," Shinabarger states. "In the Post 9/11 banking environment, financial institutions have been enlisted in the war on terrorism via monitoring of the nation's payment system. In addition, the already burdensome regulatory landscape has heightened the need for more comprehensive employee training. We intend to use the new facility to provide the necessary space to accommodate our training needs as well as instances where a large community group (like the Chamber or Economic Development) has a need or we want to invite the public in for an informational purpose. We hope to offer expanded services as part of our latest upgrade. We see ourselves as a progressive institution, welcoming new technology when it can be cost justified and has a practical business application. We look forward to serving the Hicksville area for many, many years to come."

An open house for the public is being planned for August 27. The nation's only two-time Heisman trophy winner, Ohio State's Archie Griffin, will be in attendance to sign autographs and be available for photo opportunities.


Portions of the warehouse area at Trident were recently razed to make room for the new structure which is under construction and should be completed by fall. The warehouse area will incorporate the present loading dock area and will complete the local industry's recent renovation project.

Trident Corporation, one of Hicksville's oldest industrial facilities, is in the midst of renovating its Defiance Avenue facility.

General Manager Joyce Ringer says the plant will remain virtually the same size, the new construction simply replaces portions of the facility which are over 50 years old.

"This renovation has been mostly about better utilizing the space we have," Ringer says. "The substantial investment was in re-layout of the machining area to create a better flow line. We also added some new equipment and refurbished the office area. The new warehouse construction is now underway. It will incorporate existing truck and loading dock areas which were upgraded several years ago. The poured masonry addition will be an environmentally friendly area, conserving heat and cooling.

"The new area won't add any square footage to our facility, but it will allow us to bring back 15 warehouse employees now working out of Harlan, Indiana. We are focused on keeping our operations here in Hicksville strong and this project provides that for the future."

Trident, a manufacturer of hydraulic fittings, is a division of Anderson Copper and Brass of Chicago, Illinois. The local plant has 69 employees.


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